Babson Acquisition Partners Inc. is a private investment group that specializes in the acquisition and management of established small and middle-market businesses. Our approach is to identify situations where an owner (or owners) of a business is considering retirement and/or is planning to phase out his or her involvement in the business. We also consider situations where a corporate parent is divesting an operating business.

Our long-term vision is to ensure the continuity of the business and to remain a valued member of the community. We strive to accomplish this goal by providing and creating jobs and promoting solid corporate values. Our team has the capability and experience to achieve this vision and we define success by positively impacting customers, employees, investors and the community.

Babson Acquisition Partners' breadth of experience lets us examine businesses in a variety of sectors; however, our greatest interest is in situations where our skills -- whether in operations, sales & marketing, finance, strategy, or general management -- can be actively deployed to help a business realize greater potential.

The primary focus is on companies within the manufacturing sector achieving consistent sales between $1 and $15 million, whose products are in renewable demand, and that have identifiable opportunities for increasing margins through top and/or bottom-line improvements.

The secondary focus is within the QSR sector. We continually look for opportunities where we can grow our current QSR portfolio through strategic network acquisitions or green field territory expansions. We consider established models and new concept development, both in single location or multi-unit operations. Babson Acquisition Partners' QSR portfolio is managed through our joint venture with Babson Partners LLC, which develops and operates multi-unit QSR locations within the North Eastern US including Dunkin' Donuts franchises.

Our goal is to provide owners and managers attractive liquidity options, growth capital and managerial resources, through a change in ownership structure, while ensuring the company's legacy.
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