Why Work with Us?

Babson Acquisition Partners is unlike many private equity or venture capital funds in that:

We will actively manage our investment.

  • Babson Acquisition Partners’ managing director will take an operating role in the company, making us an attractive option for owner/operators seeking an exit.

We are experienced operators and investors.

  • Babson Acquisition Partners’ investors and managing director are seasoned entrepreneurs, consultants, operators and financiers with many years’ experience running and building high-growth companies.

We are long-term investors.

  • We seek to create long-term growth opportunities, with no interest in a short-term “strip-and-flip” strategy.

We are interested in solid, “micro-cap” businesses.

  • We are focused on acquiring company's that are too small for most private equity firms, and too mature for venture capital funds.

We are not fad-driven.

  • We are not interested in the latest business flavor of the year. We like businesses with good prospects, excellent customer relationships and happy, capable employees who want to grow with their company.

We can move quickly.

  • While we have access to sizeable capital for a transaction, we are also a compact, nimble organization.
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